8 September 2015



Today we hosted Lucas’ moomin party!!
I cannot fob all these ideas off as my own, we do have Pinterest to thank.

We had the moomins over and as you can tell they decided to stay just as sillouettes as they didn’t want everyone to see them in real life form and not cartoons… hehe.

We set up the table, with pom poms, moomin ONE bunting, party hats, straws, glittery ONE letters, a 1 balloon and food and drink, I think it looks rather sweet if I do say so myself.
Pompoms - Hobbycraft
Bunting - Etsy
Letters - Hobbycraft (letters £2 each and glitter paint)
1 Balloon - card factory
“You are my sunshine” canvas - The range
Paper cups - IKEA
Straws - Moomin shop
Hats - Moomin shop
Party bags - Moomin shop
Moomin candle - amazon
Vanilla cupcake candle - Yankee candle
Milk bottles - IKEA
Labels - Hobbycraft

Moomin mama says the best recipe for a party is milk, berries and pancakes…
I forgot berries, wasn’t making pancakes but had milk! I even made banana milk… (YUM)
I also made moomin cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes with blue icing and moomin rice cake toppers from amazon. They were delicious, if I do say so myself.

We set up the garden with a paddling pool (with warm water, just for the picky person) , ball pit, toys, cafe, kitchen, slide, swing, tent, sand pit and giant pavement chalks. The kids adored it all, they played so nicely, taking turns a playing “ice cream shop owner” handing out ice creams and just generally playing lovely together. I love how kids just make friends so easily, they don’t care if they know you or not, they just love playing with any child and you will be their best friend for the whole day. Oh to be a kid again.
We absolutely LOVE the cake made by our wonderful friend, Camilla. 

Lucas even clapped his own round of applause after he, daddy, blew the candle out. He’s getting so cute and clever.

We had friends and family travelling from near and far, and some who sadly couldn’t make it due to circumstances which suck but we completely understand them.
We have some incredible friends and family, so many amazing people who we appreciate immensely, we couldn’t have made today as perfect as it was without them.
We love them all.

My family is the best. We are very content at the moment and are the happiest we’ve been in ages, Brad is back to work tomorrow sadly, and i’m back Thursday night (If you didn’t know I am now on nightshifts) but have loved having this week off celebrating Lucas’ birthday and just being a family.  
We are very lucky Lucas is a summer baby and had the best time in the summer sun and garden.