8 September 2015


Looking after a bunny with an excitable one year old is very hard, but very rewarding. Lucas, Brad and I got ourselves a bunny about 2 weeks ago, his name is Pepper, or Mr Pepper to Brad, and he is 8/9 weeks old and he was the runt of the litter.
Pepper likes dandelion leaves and straw and is the cutest, cuddliest bunny ever. Pepper was handled 5 times a day roughy, give or take, in his old home, so was very gentle and cuddly from the word go. This is obviously perfect with having a little one around.

Pepper needs cleaning out once/twice a week, more if it’s been raining. Pepper needs fresh water daily. Pepper needs his food bowl topped up daily. Pepper needs occasional veg or leaf treats, not too many or you get runny poop. Pepper needs to be active and run around; Pepper runs around indoors for exercise at the moment as we’re waiting on a run. Pepper needs lots of cuddles to remain cuddly and calm, but not too many. Pepper needs locks on his cage to stop the foxes, cats and babies getting in, and Pepper getting out.
Lucas adores Pepper, he chases him around the house and stops when Pepper stops and strokes Pepper ever so nicely. Lucas can mimic Peppers name now too, Lucas knows where Pepper is, if you ask, he will look out the back door at the cage and Lucas will shout at you when you put Pepper back in his cage.
The bond between these two is so cute, obviously Pepper doesn’t love Lucas, but he’s not scared of Lucas, he doesn’t run or hide from Lucas and isn’t scared when Lucas crawls after him. I think a bunny is the perfect first pet for a little one, a bunny or guinea pigs, both are cute and perfect animals. 
They’re best friends and Lucas has even learnt to say Pepper! He says “Bebpa,” its very cute.
Thanks for reading