7 September 2015


Just a few photo’s of our maternity shoot.

 Dear Little Lucas,

Didn’t Uncle Kai do well? :) These are just a two of mummy’s favourites from the long list of photo’s from the shoot. You have a very talented Godfather little man. It was a lovely hot day in March when these were taken, we got really lucky, we went for a walk near the river bank by home, with a picnic blanket and Cake and took some different shots in different settings and angles. The walking was horrendous and set of mummy’s SPD and braxton hicks, but the day was so lovely and the photo’s are so worth it. I cannot believe these photo’s were taken 2 weeks ago as i seemed to have ballooned even more and bump is massive! You have changed your pattern and seem to be awake more at night now, just like mummy, mummy seems to be suffering with insomnia, Although i had 2 hours sleep from 4am-6am since monday when i woke up at 12pm, i’m wide awake and couldn’t sleep if i tried. I love laying and feeling you move and groove inside my tummy, it feels so odd but it’s just an incredible feeling, I panic if i haven’t felt you in like an interval of 10minutes, i guess mummy’s anxiety plays a huge part in that. We watched one born every minute on catch up today and one of the little baby’s needed help breathing and it made mummy cry as i started to panic that this could happen to you. I don’t want to loose you and i want you to be healthy. Mummy should try to get some sleep now. Goodnight Little man,

Love you always Mummy xx