6 February 2016


Tracking Lucas' milestones have always been a huge interest of mine. I never wanted to miss one and i've always documented them in a baby book. 
Hitting milestones are such important and a crucial part of your little ones development. I used to track Lucas' milestones, and whether he was hitting them at the right time and whether he was more advanced or delayed with an app called "the wonder weeks" this app only lasted until Lucas was 1.
I came across Lyfelines, milestone app, via an email sent to me from them and I love it.

It gives you cards with 'parent points' and challenges to do with your little ones. It involves both you and your little one, meaning its a totally interactive app. I hate apps which say "your child should be doing this now," and thats it, you need guidance and help, and ideas for if your child isn't doing that, then heres what you can do. Milestones does that.

Once you complete the cards, it will help to work out what percentile they are on for that area, for example, gross motor skills, language, ect...
This will help you to know what you need to help your child with if they're slightly delayed, ect...

What else I loved about this is due to having a slightly prem baby myself, and struggling due to him being a tad behind due to this, you can set it to how many weeks prem they were for a more accurate development.
If your little one was born, for example, 03.06.14, yet they were 8 weeks early, they're not going to be developing at the same rate as a child born the same date, yet 2 weeks late. 

If you're anything like me too, then you'll find that sometimes you struggle to think of ideas, or find you're missing crucial development toys. We don't own any building blocks, and we didn't own a shape puzzle for ages. Little things sometimes slip your mind as a parent.

I'm the most uncreative human when it comes to fun ideas for Lucas to do, and considering I used to work in a nursery and had to think up 10 tasks for them to do each week, i'm ashamed with myself.

You can download the apps by searching the app store or via these links

The app is a free download, but would recommend the premium edition. It's worth downloading and having a little play around with first, and once you like it, it's worth the extra. I am definitely a fan.

A little insight into Lyfeline:
Lyfeline is creating the future of parenting by combining data analytics with actionable insights. Our platform collects a 360 degree view of your child and delivers a personalized developmental improvement program based on your child’s needs to maximize their potential. 

Santa Clara, California, December 16, 2015 | Working with researchers and pediatricians from Stanford and USCF, Lyfeline Corporation has developed a solution that enables parents to analyze, track, and promote their child's development through their smartphone. In the 2 months since the invite-only soft launch, over 10,000 parents are using Milestones to realize their child’s full potential.Milestones provides a first ever opportunity for parents to track their child’s development directly on a smartphone. Utilizing an American Academy of Pediatrics recommended series of development questions, parents gain an in-depth look into their child’s fine and gross motor, language, social and self-help progression. Parents also receive percentile benchmarking relative to the child’s age group.Utilizing assessment results, Milestones creates a targeted program tailored to the child’s developmental needs and forthcoming milestones. Derived from leading edge research and proven medical practice, parents are provided fun activities and information cards that encourage healthy growth.
Genre: ParentingPrice: Free ‘lite’ version; Full-App use requires Monthly Subscription Release: November 1st, worldwidePlatform: iOS (iPhone/iPad) + ANDROIDLanguages:  EnglishAge recommendation: Parents with children 0 - 5 yearsWebsite: www.Lyfeline.co

Let me know how you guys like the app and find the app!

*This is a sponsored post*