21 October 2015


So we have teamed up with Ecover to help support their Ocean plastic project.
You may have noticed, if you haven't you've probably been living under a rock, that even the government are trying to help the environment more, charging 5p for bags, to encourage people to bring their own and to stop people from just throwing them out. It's all a step in the right direction.

The limited edition Ocean Plastic bottle is made from 10% ocean plastic (with the rest coming from recycled sources). The delicate fragrance of sea lavender and eucalyptus will bring the scent of the sea into your home.
I have tried the new ocean plastic washing up liquid myself, it smells delightful, and works brilliantly, if not slightly better than your "fairy and persil" brands. I have also tried many of ecover's products in the past and have never been disappointed, i buy them from abel and cole, but they are available from waitrose, other stockist (you can check that on their website) and from online. So lots of places stock it, and hopefully more places in the future if we can help make a change.

I was approached by the wonderful "Ecover" to offer a giveaway for you guys and to win a wonderful bunch of goodies. You will get an ecover bundle, which will include an Ocean Plastic Washing Up Liquid, Multipurpose Wipes, All-Purpose Cleaner, Bio Laundry Gel & possibly a couple more items depending on what's in stock. This will all be in an Ecover tote bag as well, along with an Ecover teatowel! and finally couple of Kanteen bottles for your little ones to try. (scents may change depending on stock) THIS IS A GREAT PRIZE, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON IT.

Together we could change things, it only has to be little things, recycle, reuse, support organic, support eco and love the world. Its all a little cheesy, and even if you only change one thing, it's still one thing that goes towards helping the environment.

Lets take a few steps and help the environment together. Lets start off with you guys entering this competition. 
Its really easy, all you need to do is comment your name below! THAT IS IT. If you wanted to share the post with your friends then that would be AMAZING, it would help spread the word of this competition, tweet it, share it on instagram, Facebook, if you want. Follow ecover on Twitter  Like ecover on Facebook too. 
Below should be disquis comments, leave your name and a link to one of your social media accounts so I can let you know if you've won! I will announce the winner on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. So keep an eye out and I really hope you enter and GOOD LUCK!